Love (Intro)


When someone mentions love, what crosses your mind?

To a typical couple love is defined by how punctual your husband arrives at home, offers to make family dinners occasionally and frequently having that gate away to a cozy lakeside cabin away from the kids’ scuffles where couples snuggle and chat the night away behind the fireplace (all this should be catered for without complaining). For the wife, it is how humane you can be and accept that the man is the ‘head’ of the house, thus even if you are tall and towering above him, find a way where he will always see the back of your head from a vantage point (our neighbors in Uganda can relate well to this) in short, what a man says find a way to accept it without complaining however wrong it might brush on your ego, that way a he feels Love oozing between them.

To a teenager love is when your parents allow you to do as you wish or when you are popular amongst your peers and thus gives you the privilege of having them throw you a huge surprise birthday party that makes headlines for the next decade. That is the peak of love according to them.

To a pauper by all standards love is defined to them by the amount of alms they will receive within a certain period. In times of scarcity they would frown and be grumpy complaining of how much they are a burden to the world and just wish they would leave the world. But in days of plenty indeed you will hear, God’s Love is sufficient, bless you brother/sister.

And for the loyal St. Valentine’s Followers, Love is defined by how stylishly you commemorate the celebration of love and affection, be it by the amount of red you choose to dress up in for the day or the finesse you use in writing up that love letter to make your loved one feel special. Indeed the day would be awkward if a lady didn’t receive a red rose or two (some equally offer to buy for themselves to remain relevant)

Some of the best-selling songs and literary works are all done within the topic of love. It’s like we are all inclined to dig deep and discover more about this subject when the love switch is turned on anywhere.

What are your thoughts on love?

These and many examples blanket our thoughts on love and you will realize it is one of the most (mis)used terms by most of us, and we mostly define it by ‘our’ standards.

Come join us this month as we unearth the mysteries behind Love and teach ‘Christ –Like’ love. At the end of the series we shall have a better perception on selfless love and best of all we should begin to apply it in our daily lives as we serve with humility.



2 thoughts on “Love (Intro)

  1. We can’t let busyness and life keep us away from loving one another. ‘I am busy’ can be good and even genuine excuse. However, love costs. It will always cost us something to love our neighbor. Loving your neighbor is something you do on purpose. You plan and budget for it. Yap! Thas it.


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